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Diversify your portfolio with crypto assets. Spread your risk across a selection of coins and index-tracking bundles.

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Registering with EasyID is simple and quick

Deposit Currency

Next up, transfer funds into your account using your unique EFT reference. Alternatively, deposit your crypto directly

Acquire your crypto assets

Choose from a variety of coins or bundles to start building your portfolio

Track your investment

Your portfolio overview shows you the movement of your investments

Secure Your Crypto with Confidence

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Biometric Lock
Biometric Lock

Cutting-Edge Custody

Partnered with BitGo and Fireblocks, we offer best-in-class custody solutions for your digital assets.

Proven Reliability

Our history of secure, audited, reliable operations is your peace of mind in the crypto world.

Enhanced Protection

EasyID's biometric security, coupled with 2FA token OTPs, fortifies your account against unauthorised access.


Why EasyCrypto?

More than just crypto
Jumpstart your diversified portfolio with access to global stocks, bonds, and ETFs via EasyEquities. If your passion lies in real estate, look no further than EasyProperties – your gateway to the world of property investment. 

Expand your portfolio with individual currencies or bundles
The EasyCrypto bundle technology is South Africa’s top index-tracking strategy of the crypto asset sector.

We make buying and selling a smooth process
It's in the name.

Leading cyber security & investment practices
EasyCrypto is audited annually and harnesses a secure custody solution to ensure the highest level of digital security.

Industry leading digital security


Secured Custody

EasyCrypto harnesses secure custody solutions, through BitGo & Fireblocks, ensuring the highest level of digital security


Audited Anually

EasyCrypto undergoes rigorous annual audits, cementing our commitment to transparency and security. Proudly a reputable division of a JSE-listed company.

Track Record

Track Record

Boasting a proven track record of excellence and reliability in South Africa, EasyCrypto stands as a trusted name in the industry.

EasyCrypto Resources





EasyCrypto Resources





© Easy Crypto SA Pty Ltd (“EasyCrypto”) encourages the following acknowledgements prior to investing in crypto asset technology: Investing in crypto assets involves a risk of loss. There is no guarantee that investments in crypto assets will be profitable. Past performance is not a representation of future performance. The value of crypto assets and their respective price appreciation is not guaranteed and can fluctuate based on market conditions. Clients are offered limited recourse facilities to the South African Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Service Conduct Authority in the event of a complaint relating to crypto asset investments. Crypto asset investments are not regulated by any centralised regulatory authority. Regulatory ambiguity around crypto assets remains prevalent in the South African legislative environment. Client accounts are not safeguarded by a financial services compensation scheme.

Before investing, EasyCrypto encourages clients to fully familiarise themselves with the associated risks and take into consideration their respective ability to adopt risk prior to investments in crypto asset instruments. It is the responsibility of any persons wishing to acquire crypto assets using EasyCrypto services to observe all applicable legal requirements and tax consequences within the countries of their citizenship, residence, domicile, and place of business with respect to the acquisition, holding or disposal of the crypto asset, and any foreign exchange restrictions that may be relevant thereto. EasyCrypto is the trading brand name of Easy Crypto SA Pty Ltd, registration number 2018/351198/07, and registered address 6 Bird St, Montegray House, Stellenbosch. Easy Crypto SA Pty Ltd is a private company incorporated under the laws of South Africa, employs a compliance officer and has voluntarily registered with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) as an accountable institution.

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