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You Can Now Transfer Between EasyCrypto and EasyEquities 🔄

Transferring between different accounts in your EasyEquities and EasyCrypto accounts has become much easier for investors, facilitating portfolio diversification with crypto assets and coins.

EasyCrypto allows investors to seamlessly transfer funds between the two accounts, and EasyEquities users can access their EasyCrypto account using the same login details.

Internal transfers make it easy to invest in different asset classes available on EasyEquities; investing in a mix of asset classes like stocks, exchange-traded funds, unit trusts, real estate, and crypto is one way investors can diversify their investment portfolios. Diversification offers several benefits, including:

  • Risk Reduction: Spreading investments across various assets or industries can lower the overall risk of your portfolio. If one investment performs poorly, others may offset the losses.

  • Improved Returns: Diversification can potentially enhance returns by tapping into various opportunities. Different assets may perform well in different market conditions.

  • Liquidity Management: Diversifying among different types of assets allows you to balance liquidity needs. Some assets can be easily converted to cash, while others offer long-term growth potential.

  • Long-Term Growth: Diversification supports long-term financial goals by reducing the impact of market downturns, allowing your investments to potentially grow steadily over time.


To initiate a transaction, navigate to the EasyCrypto platform and select Internal Transfers on the Funds page. This transfer option is currently only available from the EasyCrypto platform.

Internal Transfer