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How To Get Started On EasyCrypto

Looking to add crypto to your portfolio or want to keep your crypto investments with the trusted Easy family? Opening a crypto account has never been simpler. It takes literally seconds. Just follow the steps below if you are not an EasyEquities user:

Create-an-accountCreate an account. Registering with EasyID is simple and quick.

Deposit-CurrencyDeposit Currency. Next up, transfer funds into your wallet using your unique reference.

Acquire-Crypto Choose from a variety of coins or bundles to start building your portfolio.

Track-Investment Your portfolio overview shows you the movement of your investments.

Create an account

Are you already an EasyEquities client?😎

  • You can Easily activate your EasyCrypto account this can be done by clicking on the activate accounts button on your EasyEquities app or web platform.

  • You will be presented with a confirmation page with a button that will redirect you to the EasyCrypto login page.

  • You can log in with your same EasyID credentials and just like that you are in EasyCrypto!

  • At this time, the EasyEquities and EasyCrypto platforms are separate. Your balances or account info on EasyCrypto will not show up on your EasyEquities portfolio and vice versa. We are looking at integrating this in the near future. When you are in EasyEquities you will see if you have activated your account like below.

Activate my EasyCrypto account now!

How do I fund my EasyCrypto account?🤑

Once your account is set up and verified the next step to making your first investment is to fund your account.

  • Log in to your account

  • Select your Wallet in the navigation bar at the top of the page

  • Select Fund this account

  • Use the details on this page to make a payment from your bank's internet banking/app to make a payment.

Please remember to always use your 6-digit unique reference number!! This way your funds will be speedily credited!

You, unfortunately, can’t deposit crypto yet! We are working on changing that. Once you have a funded account, you will receive an email notification your funds have arrived, jump start your crypto portfolio with a selection of the top coins and handcrafted bundles. Look out for more of your favourite coins and new bundles coming soon.🚀